Northern California Disaster Management Services

When a disaster or emergency strikes, you need a support team behind you to take care of cleaning up, saving valuable property and possessions, and restoring and rebuilding what you had. At Pinnacle Emergency Management, we understand the heartache and loss when disaster strikes. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency management services in Sacramento and the rest of Northern California – to provide the help and care you deserve when you need it the most.

Contents Management – Cleaning, Pack Out/In

Our specialists are trained to carefully pack out your contents for proper cleaning and repair. While the property is being restored, contents will be stored after cleaning and repairs are finished until your property is ready for the contents to be returned.

Disaster Response Repair

Our disaster recovery and response plans can handle a variety of different situations, including fires and floods. We will respond immediately to your needs. The first 72 hours after an event are vitally important, and if called upon, we will be ready.

Fire Damage Repair

Fires can be devastating to a home or business, so efforts to restore, clean up and repair following a fire are the best way to recover. Our goal is to lower damage and costs as much as possible.

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Flood/Water Damage Repair

Flood damage to a home or business can come from a variety of factors, including faulty pipes or appliances, and natural disasters. Floods can result in major disruption to a business and also displace a family. Our team is trained in quick water cleanup and to mitigate future damages.

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Mold Remediation/Repair

Mold can spread quickly, especially after a flood disaster. If left untreated, it can permanently damage the foundation of a home or business, and also lead to health concerns. We provide a wide range of mold repair services, including remediation, removal, prevention and inspections.

Smoke Removal/Damage/Repair

When a fire strikes, the lasting damages can be tough to deal with, and that includes the smoke odor that can linger. Our smoke removal specialists are trained to greatly reduce the smoke odor and help repair smoke damages in the structure and the contents caused by smoke.

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Sewage Back-Flow Cleanup

If not handled properly, a sewage backup could destroy your property and lead to health concerns. We deliver comprehensive sewage back-flow cleanup, mitigation and restoration.

HVAC Cleaning

If your ventilation system isn’t clean, it could spread mold, dirt and dust, which may lead to health issues in your home or business. Our trained staff can clean your duct system efficiently and effectively so that you don’t have to worry.


When you go through a disaster and your home or business has been affected, it can be difficult to get up and running again without the right help. That is where we step in, from fire, to flood, to mold, to smoke restoration – we have you covered.

Trauma Scene/Bio-Hazard Cleanup

Our specialists are trained to clean contaminants from biohazardous materials and properly dispose of them according to health standards. Our professionals will arrive on-scene and handle the site with all the care and compassion necessary to make sure it has been cleaned respectfully.

COVID-19 Decontamination

If you suspect your facility may be compromised or contaminated, or you want to take preventative measures during this pandemic, we are prepared to help you.

Northern California Disaster Restoration Services

Northern California is not exempt from disasters.  

Whether they are natural disasters, such as a wildfire or flood, or local emergencies, like a house or business fire, you need a team of emergency specialists to back you up.

The Pinnacle Emergency Management team is here for that exact purpose:  When you face an emergency or disaster, we offer the emergency disaster services you need to protect your possessions, property, and loved ones.

Our team is available to help you anytime with 24/7 emergency services.  When disaster strikes, we arrive quickly to help protect your valuables, reduce the damage, and help you clean up and rebuild.

No one likes having to face disasters or emergencies, but having a dedicated team of specialists supporting you helps you face the future.

As a restoration company in Sacramento and Northern California, we offer a full line of disaster restoration services, including the following:

  • Fire and water restoration
  • Cleaning and pack-out and pack-in
  • Mold cleaning and remediation
  • Taking care of smoke damage
  • Repairing and cleaning sewage backups
  • Cleaning HVAC systems
  • Complete restoration services
  • Trauma and biohazard scene cleanup
  • Covid-19 decontamination and safety

When a disaster or emergency strikes, you don’t have to stand on your own.  You can have the peace of mind and security of knowing you have the best restoration company in Northern California backing you up!

Contact us on our website or call us at 916-371-7431 to get help today!