The Hidden Dangers of Smoke and Carbon Residue to Wineries Following Wildfires

Posted on 10th November, 2020

by Pinnacle Emergency Management

2020 has been California's most devastating wildfire year on record, and it is only the beginning of October. Recent years have seen historically devastating fires happen later and later, into November, given conditions in California. It has almost become a year-round threat. Wine regions have been hit particularly hard this year with the most damage directly to wineries with the loss of critical infrastructure and iconic structures that were longtime gathering places for visitors from across the globe. While the devastation is painful, rebuilding and repairing is always possible. We want to give some expert insight into what our team members at Pinnacle Emergency Management have learned by working with wineries devastated by fires in the past.

Smoke damage can be elusive. You may have escaped obvious fire destruction but carbon residue and smoke odor can creep into the most remote and hard-to-reach areas of your ventilation systems and insulation, thus creating hazardous conditions for both your employees and potential damage to your product. Every surface will need proper cleaning and disinfection following exposure to wildfire smoke. Your HVAC and building insulation act as both a sponge and a filter, attracting smoke particles that must be safely removed using OSHA standards.

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