Sacramento Business Journal: Original Mikuni in Fair Oaks Reopening after Fire

Posted on 21st July, 2020

by Pinnacle Emergency Management

The original Mikuni Restaurant in Fair Oaks reopens again to the public on Wednesday, just over two months after a fire shuttered the place.

A fire broke out in the restaurant in the early morning of Dec. 29, and the fire was quickly contained by the sprinkler system.

The restaurant, however, was flooded.

After extensive work and an interior remodel, the restaurant passed. The restaurant will ramp up with several private events and thank you parties leading up to the opening for the general public.

The restaurant has been "enhanced" with a new interior, but there was not a structural remodel of the building, said Jeanne Mabry, vice president of marketing for Mikuni.

Many of the restaurant's 90 employees worked at other Mikuni locations over the past two months, she said. Some employees had forced vacations. The restaurant tried to retain its trained staff, she said.

The disaster recovery work was handled by West Sacramento-based Pinnacle Emergency Management.

Pinnacle completed the renovation work in half the time originally estimated.