Pinnacle Featured in Comstock’s Magazine Disaster Planning Article

Posted on 13th April, 2021

by Pinnacle Emergency Management

Pinnacle Emergency Management, experts in emergency disaster management since 2005, was recently featured in an April in Comstock's magazine article, "Stayin' Alive", where local disaster experts shared tips and insight on how to prepare a business for a disaster.

"The way you handle a disaster from its very onset will determine how soon you're back up and operable," Grover says. "You have to jump on it. That means communicating to your employees, customers, and suppliers, and taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure the physical damage isn't made worse by inaction."

A good example of secondary damage could be a post-fire or flood situation in which everything is left wet for too long and mold becomes a problem.

Secondary damage could also involve the company's reputation if there's a perception the response isn't being handled or liability concerns if contract obligations can't be met. The article is available here. If you would like to speak with Leo Grover about developing a disaster continuity plan for your business, please call us. The greater Sacramento region is vulnerable to not only potential catastrophic losses Pinnacle had handled like wildfires, flooding, and earthquake damage, but the devastation of a plumbing problem or smoke damage from the severe wildfires our region has experienced in recent years.

We are your partner in disaster mitigation, before, during, and after an incident. We want to know you before a loss so we can help you plan and protect your investment, your business.